ISOMAX fuels

ISOMAX fuels

ISOMAX fuels


Today, the industry is facing increased consumer demand for improved performance as well as a global drive to reduce air pollution caused by fuel use. In the 21st century, there is a wide range of diesel engine technologies from indirect acceleration (IDI) to CRDI - the usual direct injection, and each of these is a challenge, while high performance fuels are required.

Use and application

Isomax diesel is a next-generation multifunctional diesel accessory designed to improve the characteristics and characteristics of diesel fuels (regardless of their composition and origin) in standard and modern diesel engines.

Features and benefits

Isomax diesel is compatible with diesel engines with indirect injection and new technologies of common-rail direct injection engines. Offers the following benefits proven in laboratories and validated by engine testing (including CEC F23-A-01 XUD9 <50% and CEC F08-098 DW10> -2%)

1. Keeps injection nozzles clean and removes existing 'clean-up' effect, retains original design and fuel spray efficiency in combustion chamber
2. Prevents the formation of internal deposits in diesel injectors (Internal Diesel Injector Deposits - IDID, "lacquering").
3. Protects the fuel system from corrosion.
4. Increases oxidation stability of biodiesel and improves filterability.
5. It significantly reduces the tendency of foaming of diesel fuel.
6. Maintains water / fuel separation capability.
7. Extends engine life, improves vehicle driving performance and reduces vehicle maintenance costs.
8. Prevents increased fuel consumption over time and harmful emissions.



As with diesel, the technology of gasoline engines and fuels is rapidly advancing, bringing new challenges to the industry. The market share of Direct Petrol Injection (DIG) engines is increasing rapidly.

Use and application

Isomax gasoline is the next generation of multifunctional gasoline additive. Provides outstanding engine cleanliness for all engine technologies (including direct injection) and all types of gasoline blends (including ethanol-containing gasoline up to 10%) including anti-corrosion, water separation, prevention of valve sticking, and enhancement of lubricant properties. Isomax gasoline enables all EPA, Top Tier, World Wide Fuel Chart categories to be perfected. It is also approved by the Chinese Petrol Standards

Features and benefits

Isomax gasoline has been tested by standard engine procedures and tests (CEC and ASTM) in addition to internal, field and laboratory tests. Provides the following performance:

1. Keeps the fuel system clean and effectively prevents buildup of carburettors, injectors, valves and intake manifolds, including direct injection motors.
2. Removes existing deposits ("clean-up" effect> 40%).
3. Improves driving performance (easier starting and idling, less uneven running and acceleration problems).
4. Protects the fuel supply system from corrosion.
5. Provides electrical conductivity for gasoline (no electrostatic discharge during transport)
6. Prevents valve sticking.
7. Extends engine oil life.
8. Reduces vehicle maintenance costs.


Isomax gasoline does not affect other gasoline properties (octane number, oxidation stability). It is completely organic (ash free) and does not contain halogenated or metal based particles in its composition. Isomax gasoline is suitable for treating gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol.

The additives used for Isomax gasoline are registered on the US EPA Petrol Additives List.

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