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HIFA - OIL doo HIFA - OIL doo Tesanj operates as one of the most important distributors of petroleum products in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the decades-long experience of 2002 and continuous growth, partnership and trust have been built with almost 200 companies in this industry. Today, HIFA - OIL covers over 20% of the BiH market and with a total of 350,000 thousand tons of derivatives distributed in 2018, out of which over 155 thousand tons of road bitumen and oil. Since its inception, HIFA has been developing two basic business lines: "white" derivatives (diesel, petrol, and fuel oil, JET, LPG) and "black" derivatives (bitumen and oil), but also enters new business segments that complement the basic activities (petrochemicals, etc.). Covering these substantially different market areas allows us to disperse the structure of the market and progressive development.

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An inherent part of the corporate policy of HIFA OIL Ltd, among other, is the ongoing improvement of a unified quality and environmental management system, by which we intend to become the promoters of intensive development of positive business relations which shall be the pillars of a work environment in which everyone will be satisfied by the development of interactive relationships by this principle.

Sales and distribution of bitumen and hydrocrack oils

Following the market demands, HIFA-OIL has focused its activities and attention not only on light derivatives sales but also on bitumen sales, and due to mainly responsible approach and serious work in the past years, HIFA-OIL has grown into the largest bitumen importer, exporter and distributor in our country.

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