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HIFA - OIL d.o.o Tešanj operates as the most important distributor of petroleum products in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the decades-long experience of 2002 and continuous growth, partnership and trust have been built with almost 200 companies in this industry. Today, HIFA - OIL covers over 25% of the Bosnia and Herzegovina market and with over 310,000 thousand tons of oil and petroleum products distributed in 2021.

HIFA OIL, the biggest private petroleum distributor, since its founding, has been developing two basic business lines: "white" derivatives (diesel, petrol, and fuel oil, JET, LPG) and "black" derivatives which are bitumen and oil fuel, where petrochemistry and gas play a significant role.

New and different market demands, as well as increased supply capacity in the region, have influenced the domestic company Hifa-Oil to expand its bussines on the markets of the region, as well as the EU in the year 2009. Doing business in 10 markets of the EU and Southeast Europe ranks the company among the most important distributors, recognized by partners who require a serious and responsible approach in business.

In addition to wholesale, HIFA - OIL has been present in the last 3 years in retail with 17 gas stations in BiH. The locations of gas stations include cities throughout BiH, namely: Banovići, Teslić, Sarajevo 3 facilities, Busovača, Rudo, Živinice, Gračanica 2 facilities, Doboj, Maglaj, Gradačac, Hrasnica, Brčko, Bijeljina 2 facilities, Bosanski Šamac. In addition, we are the only private oil company that is present on the Montenegrin market with 4 facilities. The network of gas stations will continue to expand in the coming period in both BiH and Montenegro.

The seriousness of the business is reflected in the portfolio of HIFA - OIL d.o.o. Tešanj, where EUFOR forces stand out as customers, with whom we have concluded agreements on the supply and distribution of all types of derivatives, including JET fuel for their needs. HIFA - OIL is already known as a leader in the supply of oil and petroleum products with storage capacities of over 34 million liters, which refers to the fuel terminals in Zenica and Prijedor, as well as the terminal in Vogosca and new terminals in Sarajevo.

Since 2017, HIFA - OIL has been the supplier of JET fuel to the world's largest companies at the International Airports in Sarajevo and Tuzla, and at the Banja Luka Airport. Through quality sources of supply, trained and professional staff, sufficient logistics and truck capacity, with the construction of the most modern terminal in Sarajevo, the company remains on the trail of a safe, reliable and long-term supplier of airports and airlines operating in BiH.

2021 is a very important year for the company in terms of business expansion. The need to use renewable energy sources, ie the energy of the future, was recognized with the formation of the sector for the design, sale and installation of solar panels and electricity trade. A significant step forward has been made in gaining representation with well-known companies Huawei and Longi and recognizing the company as a leader in this and the mentioned sectors. Covering these essentially different market areas enables us to have a dispersed market and customer structure and more progressive development.

HIFA - OIL has harmonized its operations with the highest world standards, including a standard that includes a quality management system (ISO 9001 certificate) and environmental protection (ISO 14001 certificate), and such operations have been confirmed by the renowned certification company TUV Bayern Sava.

Also, HIFA - OIL is a member of the state and federal associations of distributors of oil and petroleum products, and a member of the Association of Businessmen Business Center Jelah - Tesanj.

We are considered a safe and reliable partner, and we have long been in the category of leading importers, exporters and distributors of petroleum products in BiH, and according to relevant indicators among the 10 largest companies in BiH, counting all economic areas and activities.

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HIFA-OIL currently has 67 active vehicles equipped for the transportation of oil and oil derivatives. In addition to them, it also owns vehicles for transporting fuel oil and bitumen. All tankers are equipped for eco-loading of petroleum products in accordance with EU standards.

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