It's time to summarize business results from 2012. Can you tell us whether you are satisfied with the achievement?

- We can be pleased to say that this year the planned growth trend will be planned, so that our expectations are aimed at improving the results of operations, in both quantitative and value terms, with a particular emphasis on the continuing continuation of the increase in export activities in Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo , Albania, Bulgaria, but also on the Croatian market.

What is the role of HIFA OIL within BiH? oil industry and within the Association of Petroleum Products Market in FBiH?

- HIFA OIL, according to the results and indicators, is the leader in the distribution of oil and petroleum products, including the distribution of white and black derivatives, in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also a very recognizable factor and participant in all events in this activity. We believe that such a position is created by continuous, continuous and quality work. We are an active participant in all activities, but also an appreciated member of the Association of Petroleum Derivatives in FBiH, which is one of the few organizations that represents a quality system of association and a set of all companies that operate in an organized way, in order to be the correct partner of all those who have an interest they cooperate with satellites. First of all, I mean government institutions, but also other business partners or, say, end-users.

How do you evaluate competition in BH? oil market?

- Time shows that import and distribution can be handled by a small number of companies that can satisfy many end-user requirements. I think that the next period will show who is ready for extremely rigorous and intense competition, which is or will appear on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Certainly, HIFA OIL has a vision to keep the current position, preparing for all who see us as an adequate competitor. At the same time, there are still, indeed, individual cases of distortion of competition, through a pricing policy or in some other way. However, business cooperation is based on quite other principles and advantages that are crucial, and whose elements are extremely useful for our company.

How important is the quality of fuel and other products of the offer?

- Absolutely important, without any dilemma. I'll just give you one example. In our company, since the beginning of our operations, no negative sample of petroleum products has been found in both dirtbription and retail, and we never want to give up on this rule and our relationship with quality.

How many markets are you currently covering?

- HIFA OIL is a recognized supplier in the whole of Bosnia Herzegovina. The structure of our customers is such that we are not limited to BiH, on the contrary, we take a significant role in regional markets, and even beyond.

You have already mentioned your export expectations for the next year. Can you tell us a little bit
more about it?

- As I have already mentioned, our expectations are a continuous increase in export activity in Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria and the Croatian market. Also, the results for the previous period show that we will have a growing trend in sales, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the mentioned markets. When we talk about the percentage, then we can say that this year we will distribute about 15% of the total amount of quantities distributed on the international market.

Since you are entering the international market, do you have or do you plan to cooperate with multinational companies?

- HIFA OIL is no longer only a domestic leader, but also a regional oriented company that cooperates with many big companies in this field and certainly we intend to expand the circle of our business partners, suppliers who are looking for a mod to become their partner, and, on the other hand, we are trying to find the right business partners who can be our extended arm in other markets.

What do you think about Brod Brod refinery? Do you consider it an appropriate business partner?

- Refinery Since the very renewal of production, our business partner has been recognized by our company, that is, our company has been recognized as an equal one of the most important in business transactions, and we believe that they are working with us thinking strategically in the long term, considering the lures of our activities based on long-term business relations.HIFA OIL d.o.o. is undoubtedly the largest buyer of all types of bitumen, and the supplier of almost all the most serious companies in the field of road construction. Our cooperation from year to year is becoming more and more capacious, and there is no doubt that the refinery Bosanski Brod has so far made an exceptional contribution to the stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina's markets in terms of supplying derivatives of all kinds. Also, the Brod Refinery is of great importance for the stabilization of prices, relative to other manufacturers in the region.

In the focus of the oil industry, OMW pumps are currently sold to NIS from Serbia. Have you been an interested party and do you see in that story?

- Our owner, and also CEO of Izudin Ahmetlic, has informed the public on our interest in this project on several occasions, and you can only say that we were an active participant in this process and participated in the submission of an official offer.

- BiH, with respect to the region, but also Europe, has the lowest fuel prices. What is important for your company, but also for the oil industry in our country?

- It is absolutely certain that no company can influence global movements in prices of refined petroleum products, and whose changes reflect on our market. If it were possible or possible to fix these types of goods, there would also be security in many aspects of the business. What we can adjust to the market conditions and try to transfer such changes in proportion to our market.

What attitude do you have about fuel excise taxes, and what do you think of the policy of allocating funds for roads?

- BiH is not the single and only case to introduce excise taxes on fuel, all with the aim of improving, for example, road or other infrastructure. Certainly, if this is the case, the need to use the funds should be more and more reasonably clear, so as not to burden the end consumers in the full sense.

Do you cooperate with banks in BiH? Can our banks track your investment plans?

- Of course. It would be a little exaggerated to say that as a big company we do not have business relations with banks. Our principle of working with banks is based a little on different elements of cooperation. Except that we should have the best conditions, there is something that we call the added value of the services that banks offer, and they are not found in a basic product such as a loan or a bank guarantee. All the banks that work with us know perfectly well our ability to have a company in our portfolio as it is ours.

What does the Business Plan for the next year depend on?

- It depends on many elements, but we never expanded our business activities without an adequately prepared plan, but we did not even try to set the unrealistic parameters of such planning. Of course, the growth trend should be maintained in the same or similar proportions as in 2012.

Finally, a few words about the structure of employees. Do you care for your staff to follow modern trends in business, do you invest in training and further training?

- HIFA OIL, in my humble court, is one of the youngest, but also the most experienced companies in BiH. Our employees, of course, apart from the transportation segment, are highly educated staff, because only such can follow the trends and standards that are imposed on them. With their work in our company they acquire a great and undeniable experience that only makes career progress.

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