Past 2017 was the best business year so far for Hifa Oil and its members: «Our goal is the European and regional market»

Past 2017 was the best business year so far for Hifa Oil and its members: «Our goal is the European and regional market»

Past 2017 was the best business year so far for Hifa Oil and its members: «Our goal is the European and regional market»

Such a successful business has enabled inflows of money into the country of over 100 million BAM which Hifa Oil and its daugther companies do pay in as taxes, contributions and other liabilities annually.

HIFA OIL had a very strong investment cycle with millions of investments in two-digit amounts. Investments were directed towards strengthening its position on the domestic and foreign markets, but also on expanding the assortment and the competitiveness of the daughter companies of Hifa Oil Group.

«First we invested in the german company LB.Profile GmbH, then Terminal steel mill Zenica, afterwards the Slovenian Mersteel capacities in Sarajevo, and finally we invested in increase of the quality level of our services in the segment of aviation fuel supply, by which, beside NATO as our long-term partner, we have gained the trust of the biggest airlines at Sarajevo airport. We continued our investment cycle by opening modern Euro Oil petrol stations according to European standards in several Bosnian-Herzegovinian cities including Sarajevo», tells Venan Hadziselimovic iexecutive manager of Hifa Oil.

 Investment increase and market share increase have affected the income increase. Thus the company marks an increase of income for 8% in comparison to 2016 explains Hadziselimovic, adding this to be only one parameter of business, where it is equally important if not more important, regarding the conditions in our country that the company has increased the number of newly opened working places last year.

During its 15 years of existence the company has marked the biggest increase of the number of employees. Last year, Hifa Oil Group increased the number of employess in the last nine months for 75%. At the ending of last year, the company had 192 employees, today there are 333. “Our investment cycle is followed by opening new working places of which we are specially proud of. Mainly young and professional staff, who have been trained, attended seminars, but are also certified for the work with EUFOR and at airports. he average age of employees in the overhead and the management is 26-35 years, and they make up around 50% of employees in that sector, and it is that many with a university degree”, said Hadziselimovic.

“In 2018. we plan to continue our investment cycle with several important projects. Beside the domestic market, our company is oriented towards the regional markets where we continued to strengthen our positions, but also significantly towards the EU market, where we are present with our products and services from the Netherlands, over Germany and Austria, to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia.  We have proven that we have something to offer to these markets and our partners recognize us as a new value and new strength with whom they want to further develop strong business relationships. Our future is tightly bond to Europe and we are aware of the chances we have. That is why our future business will be more oriented towards the development and strengthening of our position on the EU market”, says Hadziselimovic.

He adds that Hifa Oil is one of the companies that always has secure and quality alternative sources for all derivatives. “We have invested in our car park and will continue doing so in 2018. Additionally, our company is oriented towards stregthening the corporate brand "Energy that moves" and the message that our clients are actually our family being in safe hands which was very good accepted”, says Hadziselimovic.

Hifa Oil is the leader in oil and oil derivatives trade in B&H, with 20% share on the domestic market of white oil derivatives, and the first in distribution of black derivatives on the domestic and the markets in the region in the field of asphalt paving in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries of the region. Last year was closed with a total quantity realisation of around 300 000 tons of different derivatives in 9 countries of the region. Together with their sister companies EURO ROAL, EURO METALI, EURO STIL, EURO POWER, PETROBIT, BITROL Slovenia, and the german LB.Profile, the total annual turnovers of our companies already reach the amount of almost half a billion BAM, and the profits are calculated in two-digit million amounts, our bussines, except these parameters is built on other important grounds and postulates, such as development of human potential, social responsibility and the improvement of the ecological systems, as stated by Hifa Oil.

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