The biggest privately owned BIF of HIFA-OIL d.o.o. from Tešanj in 2015 will be remembered as the year in which they have broken all record sales. Compared to 2014 this year, sales increased by 10 percent and Executive Director Venan Hadžiselimović told Faktor that success was achieved despite unpredictable events in the world of petroleum products.

- We strengthened the market position in BiH, but we also preserved the presence in the sale of black derivatives in nine European countries. We supply the largest companies that are engaged in the construction of road infrastructure - he explained.

Therefore, the renowned TUV Bayern Sava certification company has confirmed that HIFA-OIL, the owner of Izudin Ahmetlic, operates according to the highest standards by assigning the ISO 9001: 2008 standard for quality management and the ISO 14001 environmental standard as proof of the quality and continuity of good work.

Although HIFA-OIL's main business is the distribution and sale of petroleum products, this group is also owned by a number of affiliated companies. Some of them are Eurometals, Euroroal, Eurostil and Europower, which according to Hadziselimovic are well prepared for 2016.

- Eurometals are recognized as a leader in wholesale and retail of metals, and in 2016, an investment in warehouse expansion is planned. Euroroal is the fastest growing company in the sale of stainless steel and aluminum products - explained Hadžiselimović.

After the acquisition of the former "Bosanka" in Doboj, HIFA-OIL formed the company Eurostil, which turns into the largest wooden pellet center in BiH, but also starts the production of eco pellets from coal.

- Within Eurostil, the most modern refrigerator with a capacity of 2,500 tons was built, which could be combined with a large number of producers of raspberries and other cultures - said Hadziselimovic.

He adds that HIFA-OIL and related companies are recognized as serious business partners and that this is a domestic group that realizes and leaves its capital, profits and investments in BiH, which gives support to the domestic economy.

Through Europower, HIFA-OIL is expanding its portfolio of activities in the electricity sector. The assumptions have been made that the companies owned by this group will start to deal with the wholesale of electricity, and in 2016, the construction of hydroelectric potentials is planned.

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